Pregnant Mama Seal Crawls: 25th Day of Thanks, a talent

Photo: 25th Day of Thanks: A Talent...

25th Day of the 28 Days of Thanks: A Talent

Can I be thankful for being the fastest seal crawler in my 3rd grade class?


Can I, 20 years later find a new talent that I’m thankful for?


None comes to mind…unless you count being able to do all the dishes, clean the juicer, put everything back in its place, change a diaper, play the tooth fairy and take a hot bath, all at the same time….

Overall, I’m thankful for the gifts and talents I have that enable me to be fulfilled and happy….raise my children…and love my husband…

Will these talents win me 1st prize at the school talent show? Maybe not…

That’s why we have seal crawling!!

Thanks to Charlie for video taping….

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