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How to not overeat on Thanksgiving…unless you want to

Are you cool to overeat on Thanksgiving?

I am….

I do make it a point to eat slowly and enjoy each bite….

…so I know which items I want for seconds

I eat two Thanksgiving Day meals so…..

I’m cool with overeating…to an extent…

I make sure to drink lots of water…

This is actually what works for me: Water

I drink loads of water to flush my system, and I don’t fill up on other beverages.

Why I’ve been eating pumpkin pie for the last 4 weeks

Since I got a few little pumpkins (I think they are called pie pumpkins) before Halloween, I started making pumpkin puree… which I love!

It’s really easy to make: Slice the pumpkin in half, set it in a 9×13 baking dish, skin side down…fill the dish with about an inch of water. Cover it with foil and bake for an hour. Let cool and scoop out the insides, discarding the seeds. Puree the pumpkin goop in a food processor, adding water when needed.

I started making pies and eating them with my kids because I have found that

In Thanksgiving Days passed, I do  not get to enjoy the desserts like I want! I am so full from the meal, and then heading to the second meal, the desserts have not gotten the attention they deserve!

When I sit down to eat  my most favorite dessert, Pumpkin Pie, I’m still thinking about the huge meal I just ate and the next meal I have coming up…that’s no way to treat my pumpkin pie!

So, I have been getting the pumpkin pies in and out of my system…. as a preventive measure, really!

Gabby’s spirit junkie tips to avoid overeating on Thanksgiving

Seriously….if you want to create a more conscious eating experience on Thanksgiving and every day…check out Gabby’s practice…

As a recovering over-eater, Gabby shares her advice on intention and how to still enjoy the day without stuffing yourself like a turkey…which is pretty much what I feel like I do…

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