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Day 7 of Thanks: A Failure I’ve Had

Being thankful for a failure that I’ve had….

We all know that means….it’s a gift!
Failures are gifts…opportunities and only exist if we believe they are real… how do failures serve us by looking on them negatively?
They don’t…
Rather than define a failure, I may address a regret… neither of which is serving, but here it is:
I do regret the anger that I’ve dumped onto my children in the past…. there were times when I’ve screamed and really lost myself in my own frustration…and because I have this belief that I wire them for angst with m y bad own bad behavior… releasing my uncontrolled energy into their worlds…
This is something I’ve been working through for the better part of a year and I can say that I have seen a dramatic change in myself… and I am so thankful for the initial failures in parenting that have led me to the strength, conviction and courage I have now…. and will continue to cultivate…
Some of the great minds of our generation and those past…. do not know failure…they fear not….worry not….and know that a failure only looks like one when it’s void of optimism…
I ask you…

What if everything in your life happened in your best interest?… What if you lived your life with such conviction in yourself and in the universe and a higher power that you did not believe in failures…only as opportunities?

Makes that speeding ticket seem quite a challenging opportunity, doesn’t it?

I also feel compelled to address the greater failures of our time… the terribly tragic things that happen in our lives and in the world…. I do not know why these things happen and why we must feel the pain of loss… I am not smarter than the universe…. Everything has purpose and perhaps it’s a way to bring us closer to our divinity… to our maker… to the place where we all one and serve others with our pain…and ultimately, our grace…and our love…

God bless you today and always!

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