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Openness, a poem

*Inspired by and written during a reflective yoga and writing class with Charity at Yoga on the Square. I chose to free write, and channel write, as it’s often referred to… where you allow the words to move through you, rather than make them with your own thought structure. I had never really done this before and I felt it was a beautiful time to try!



Openness for my soul. May I appear as I am.

Open calling, sensing soothing soul.

May this be true and just.

May I love open and closed as the same.

Non judgement.

I don’t like to be scared and I’m willing to love this part of me. For the scared within me dwells alongside the brave within me. The dance between being scared, being love, being brave. Being scared may be illusionary although it feels real. I allow the sensations to arise and I allow them to pass. I’d like to sleep all day.

The dance between being asleep and awake, and cultivating the beginner’s mind. Just as Truly sees and feels for the first time, it may be scary, but she, and we are never alone. We are supported by heavenly beings.


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