What is our work?

To do the work… to do our work means to ask ourselves the deeper questions.

Byron Katie talks about our work here.

Oprah refers to our work on her shows….

To do our work is to recognize that our relationships are assignments and our external condition is a reflection of our internal condition.

Our present moment has been created because of all the experiences we have had up until the moment.

The way we see the world…our opinions, our thoughts… everything… is a direct result of the decisions we have made…. as a result of the thoughts we have.

Our subconscious is calling the shots… let’s get to know her….

Our work is ask why we say the things we say, why we do the things we do… and then keep going…

To live consciously and act from a place of truth and conviction is interdependent in doing our work.

By living consciously and asking the questions, we can begin to make the subtle shifts we need to make in order to break the habit of being ourselves.

Our work is to recognize that we are love and anything outside from that has been fueled by our egos… the spirit we have that is a result of being human… our doubt…and our fear… these are the temperaments of the ego.

We must not just do more, but be better… We are students and we are teachers… we teach our children and our children teach us.

It is our responsibility in this lifetime to take responsibility for ourselves, for our energy and for that which we bring to the world.

“We must be the change we want to see in the world”…

We must be the energy we want to feel in the world…

We must be the light we want to see shine in others…

Empower others, not discourage them.

Love others, even if we don’t agree with them.

Be kind, even when it feels hard or we don’t think others deserve our kindness.

Show compassion, not contempt.

There is a song that plays on Christian radio that sings, “Jesus in disguise”…

This is in reference to the teaching that we should treat others with love… treat others the way we would want to be treated…

I always heard that expression and thought, “Oh, ok… I get it, I get it, but seriously, they’re an a*& *&^%…”

Now, I realize what this means… it’s a literal direction that reminds us that we are one… we are interdependent upon one another and we live in a world that wants us to think we are separate…

We are not… and treat your neighbor badly and that negative energy exists within you… you cannot curse your neighbor without cursing yourself.

Thus, loving your neighbor only brings more love to yourself.

Check back for more on our work….

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