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8 weeks and I can’t stop staring

Truly wants to  know if she is a jolly rancher….and I want to know if I am still dreaming…
We are in love… Truly and I…
We hang out all the time…. we eat together…. we sleep together…. we watch Marriage Boot Camp while we eat together…
She’s even sleeping on my lap as I type this…
We woke up one day last week and I thought to myself…she is actually getting so big! She looks bigger!
There comes that day when she doesn’t seem like she could have been in my belly because she is so large and that day has come and gone…
Today is her 2 month birthday and she is well on her way…
We all are…
Charlie is an amazing big sister….she is so kind and sweet to the baby.
She continues to be my greatest teacher and I work on being better for her every day.
It wasn’t too long along that I swear I said, “Theo will always be my baby no matter how big he gets… he will never be able to do wrong!”
I see his transformation from little baby boy to growing young little man.
He is kind and loving…and defiant and treacherous…. he hides under the table, eating the cookies I told him he couldn’t have….
He continues to be beautiful and handsome, intelligent and curious….
My favorite is when he softly says to the baby, as he has heard me endearingly call her, “Hi Mama….”
He makes my mind work in different ways and has encouraged me to “speak softly and carry a big stick”…spoken by his namesake, Theodore Roosevelt, those words ring true as the best way to get Theo to listen is to whisper….
I thank my husband for his love and support and never ending commitment to our family…and to our love…
Is 3 hard?
I think it’s like anything else… it takes time and commitment…just like anything else.
The baby is the easiest of them all.
We are learning and growing and making the decision to be conscious… the daily decision to be conscious…and happy… and living so our future self thanks us.
You know what is hard? Being pregnant:)
And just wanting to move on from that point because looking back, my heart was at a standstill… it was hard to move on because we were waiting for the baby… just waiting for the change to happen…for life to move on…
And there are moments like that… where you just want to move them along…
These are the moments that are still teaching moments. I recognize that these are the moments where patience and faith are what count.
Communication and respect.
Prayer and peace.
These are the things that make our lives possible…that make my life possible.
It makes it possible to raise the kids and do everything else… learning, reading, growing, being….
These are the things that allow me to…make it not so hard…
But all part of the journey…
This is our story and this is how it unfolds….
I can’t help but be amazed…and humbled….and grateful…and able to enjoy my big cries when I need them…
We are blessed to be able
Able to decide… to create….to love and share.
To be…
So get a broom, son, and clean up those crumbs under the table… we have work to do…

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