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Make gnoccis at 40 weeks pregnant

Last time I made gnocci from scratch whilst pregnant, I was in labor with Charlie…

Couldn’t hurt, and so tasty!!

Recipe: Equal parts flour and ricotta cheese… soooo much easier than making it with potatoes, which I did almost 7 years….having contractions with Charlie…

If you told me I would reach 40 weeks pregnant, I wouldn’t have believed you…

I really did not prepare myself for this waiting period. I had no idea what this waiting would feel like…

I go through period of like, “I’m totally ready for the baby to come now!” and then I think, “Ok, since the baby is not coming, I’m just going to relax and appreciate this time I have with my family and my kids, just the 4 of us…”

And then I say, “Ok, baby, I’m totally ready for you to come, let’s get it on!”

Good Lord, please continue to bless us and protect us… may the angels surround us and bring us health, happiness and peace…

2 thoughts on “Make gnoccis at 40 weeks pregnant

  1. Dearest Nikki, Congrats to all of you on the birth of your new daughter! I guess the gnocchi making worked. Hope you got to eat some before that labor started. I love reading your posts.

  2. Thanks, Linda…I sure did get to eat some! I made a few batches, I can seriously eat so much of it. Thanks so much for your love and support…

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