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"It’s not about the money…and it’s about the money…"

Marie Forleo and Kate Northrup talk money…. They are both quoted as saying, 

It’s not about the money…and it’s about the money…

Why it’s not about the money for me…and it’s about the money!

Here’s a recap some of the money conversations we’ve had and how I’ve learned that we have plenty of unconscious beliefs about money that keep us running the same patterns when it comes to our financial situation, but also all the other areas of our lives…

We all need money and it’s a fascinating topic that, and I love this,

Is a vehicle to what we value ~ Kate Northrup

 It’s a transfer of value and comes down to what we value we can provide to others.

Can we change our thoughts about money?

Intention+Advice: I can’t find a job and the rent is due
I love the word intention!

Since the start of my spiritual path, I have been introduced to a variety of beautiful and powerful words… a new language I like to see it…. intention…

 (A really popular post!) How to be Passionate about your Profession
A mantra I have grown to love, and I’m so pleased that Gabby mentioned it here, is:

I am willing to receive

Money: A Love Story by Kate Northrup

In all honesty, what first attracted me to Ms. Kate…was her mom! I saw her in the beautiful movie, Hungry for Change, and it was love at first sight…. then I kept seeing Kate pop up with my favorite ladies: Marie, Danielle, Gabby and Kris… She just makes me feel good!

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