How do you know you’re in labor?

To all my beautiful pregnant mamas….and papas…

I remember the cramping when I went into labor with Charlie.

I actually didn’t know I was in labor with Charlie…

The crampy feeling started early in the morning and lasted all throughout the day… I guess I thought I wasn’t feeling well…and when it’s your first, all things are a guess…

With Theo, I was induced so I didn’t go into labor on my own…

This time, these are the things I am anticipating…so eagerly!

1.) Period cramps

The cramping will not subside if you change positions…

2.) The lovely bloody show

This is when your uterus is preparing for birth and you will notice a pink or red tint when going to the bathroom.

3.) You wonder why you keep peeing yourself

Your water broke…I actually don’t know what this feels like because I don’t think my water broke with Charlie…I’m an avid bath taker so it could’ve broken and I didn’t know.

Our bodies are made for this and I’m sending love and support to everyone…

I cannot wait to meet our baby and I pray for these next couple of weeks to be peaceful and rejuvenating for us all… Blessings!

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