Breast pump through insurance requires a prescription

Good news: Insurance will cover a breast pump

Bad news: To be covered at 100%, a prescription for it must be written by a doctor… after the baby is born… to prove that it is medically necessary…
Working with a midwife, I’m already paying out of pocket for pre and post care… and she’s not recognized by my health insurance as a medical provider….so…….
I can go back to the doctor I started with, the one who delivered Theo, and ask him if he can write me a prescription for one…. or I can go to my family doctor and ask her to write me one….
We could just think about things for a moment here…. 
If I just had a baby…..and breasts typically produce milk after a baby is born….
….is there doubt that I would be qualified for a breast pump at this point?
Under my insurance…. if I want to use the benefits that I’m paying for each month under my Highmark plan…. I need to have the approval of a medical provider for a breast pump…
Just a little curious….
I can always go ahead and buy a breast pump from Babies R Us or any other retail provider….. Or I can use my old one and get new tubes…. Or I could just feed exclusively from the breast….
Or, I can ask my once medical provider what he thinks I should do and then have him write a prescription, in which I can claim with my insurance company and they can pay for my decision, as well as anything else I medically qualify for….

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