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Gabby’s 5 Tips to Quit Sugar

I cannot believe it’s been one year since Sean and I ventured on a 21 day cleanse.

It was then that we learned more of our relationship with food, more about processed foods and what items we can choose to eat that are actually fuel for our bodies.

Most people think they “should eat better” and I offer the opportunity to feel good about whatever you are eating.

If you eat a piece of cake for breakfast, it certainly won’t provide you with any nutrition and fuel that you need in general, let alone for the day…

However, enjoy that piece of cake and eat it without feeling bad about it.

If you feel bad about it, why are you eating it? Let’s choose to feel good about whatever it is we are consuming and if we notice that we feel more bad than good, let’s make a change. It’s your mind and your body’s way of telling you, possibly, that you are ready for a change.

Gabby’s mentioned this idea before, but it resonates with me:

You may not be ready to release the things you want to release

You may not be ready to give up coffee, sugar or processed foods. And that’s ok…

Try a regular affirmation that includes your willingness to go ahead and release whatever it is you think you want to give up. Gabby spent years before she actually stopped drinking coffee. Everyone is on their own journey and an important thing I remember is: feeling guilty about whatever it is you are eating/drinking is not abundant…

So, be abundant with whatever you’re eating or drinking, and release the guilt. A lot of the time, we are more likely to keep doing the things that aren’t in our best interest, and we don’t even enjoy it because we are too busy feeling bad about it…

Check out Gabby’s 5 Tips Here

…and enjoy those food choices when you make them! And give yourself to permission to go ahead and make a change if that’s what your heart, mind and body are telling you….

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