35 weeks pregnant and clearing the air

An exciting time is on the horizon!

I actually know three other mamas that are due in early Feb, too…

And another five that are due about a month later…

I’m rooting for all of you and praying that we experience safe, happy and healthy births!

As I’m chugging red raspberry tea, ordering  my birth kit, gathering supplies and feeding my son M&M’s throughout the day because he is doing a miraculous job going on the potty….

I feel compelled to pray more, breathe deeper and tell greater things to my little traveler on the inside…

Rather than rush around and realize all of the things that still need done before the baby is born, I remind myself to think like Rachael Ray…. she doesn’t write her topics or book her guests… she focuses on what she does best…. host, perform and cook for an hour every day….

Needlesstosay, she does plenty of other things, but let’s remember that one of the major ways we have learned to be successful in life and in business….

Is to delegate….

Please release the gnawing voice/feeling inside you that says you have 10 things to do and only room for 3.

Focus on the things that you do best: Making a baby!

…and delegate the rest….

We are used to doing so many things at once, but take the opportunity to surrender…and let go…

Drink plenty of water, eat as best you can, get sleep, rest and please take deep breaths for a few minutes throughout the day and visualize a healthy and happy birth and baby.

Yes, there are things we must get done, but baby will come whether we are ready or not and I am a believer that the baby wouldn’t be here unless our higher power provided what is in our best interest.

Clearing the air

Yes, I’m planning a home birth.

No, I am not delivering the baby myself and Yes, I am having a mid-wife.

What if something goes wrong?….. What if everything goes right and it’s one of the most exciting, miraculous experiences we’ve ever had?

What if it hurts?….. What if it doesn’t?

When I was 39 weeks pregnant with Charlie, I actually labored all day and didn’t even realize it. It wasn’t until 5pm that day that Sean got home from work and I was making home made gnocci (what else do you do to keep your mind off stomach cramps?). Sean said, “I think we better get you to the hospital”…

I look forward to the space in between contractions, when I can laugh, breath, maybe swear, and move around my bedroom…. maybe even swim around my water tub.

I am well aware that there is an opportunity for pain….

I plan on taking the meditation and affirmation practices that have served me so well in releasing all the other pain I’ve experienced….the pain we all experience, in the form of shame, guilt, fear, anger, sadness, etc. and apply it to the physical pain that my mind only interprets as pain because we have been brought up to believe, even before we experience it, that: Childbirth is painful…

It doesn’t have to be….

There are plenty of beautiful stories of women giving birth who experienced little to no pain…

You know when you get hired for a sales job and they say, “This is what our top producer is doing…results may not be typical and it’s not for everyone, but this is the potential…”?

…It’s kind of like that….

Aren’t you nervous?…. Nervous of my husband rubbing my feet and my back and feeding me whatever snacks I want while I provide my baby with a vessel to enter this world in a quiet place that has been holding our love and energy since the day we moved in?…. not really….

What are you going to do with the kids?…. Although many births happen at night, a family member will be here to help with the kids. Many YouTube videos show the kids being present during the birth and I’m not sure I want my kids hanging around my woman parts or anything but I’ve seen videos where the older kids make a cake for the new baby and do other fun things….

and I’d like to say that I’m excited as h$%^ to see the look on Charlie’s face when she gets to hold her baby brother or sister for the first time… right after he or she is born… let’s just hope it’s a girl this time, for Charlie’s sake…

What if something goes wrong?…. I know it’s a big question…. I am well aware of the many things that can go wrong with having a baby in general…. It’s a crazy thing that we women put our bodies through and our lives through in order facilitate the miracle of life…. there are so many variables and so many “what ifs…”

For low-risk pregnancies, having a baby outside of a hospital is just as safe as having a baby at the hospital… some say more safe…others say… well, you can imagine the negative things a lot of people say…

I pray everyday for a healthy baby, labor and birth….

I was born a month early and had one big problem during that period…. I had to have emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction (my intestines were in a knot so I couldn’t have a bowel movement) …. they took my appendix out while they were there…. the doctors saved my life…. my mother’s labor was painful and I can’t even imagine the time she spent after I was born….. I am truly grateful for the miracle of birth….and I’m not even sure what causes a bowel obstruction like this in a newborn…

I do know, and believe, that everything in my life has led me up to this point…. in all areas, not just pregnancy and motherhood….

I believe that God gave me all the gifts I need to release my fear and move forward with love, peace and faith…

….in all areas of my life…

I am deeply grateful for the gift I have been given to give life….

…and to be alive….

Thank you to everyone for your love and support…

I’m thankful to my family for your positive encouragement and loving support…. truly…

 and love and peace to all pregnant mamas, may you feel empowered, healthy and supported…

And thank you for letting me share…. writing helps me learn more about myself, the work I have done and the work that still needs to be done… 


Here are some resources that have opened my eyes to a new way of thinking….and being…and birthing!

The Business of Being Born
Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth
For the following, I must mention that the videos I’ve watched online, seriously leave me sobbing… Put music over a homebirth video/photos and I am a running facet, ugly crying for the whole thing. It seriously touches me so greatly….
Youtube Mamas: Marin and Lucy
Inloveness Birth Photography video
Your lady friend and mine, Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD. (Yes, it’s Money: A Love Story author, Kate Northrup’s mama)

Other resources:
Bring Birth Home
Homebirth Experience

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