Day 15 of the 28 Days of Thanks: A Charity

28 Days of Thanks: Day 15 is a charity

Gabby has a video from 2011 where she talks money and miracles…
She promotes the concept that when we give….we will receive….
We are giving the universe the message that we are abundant…
This is not the reason we give…
This may be the reason we receive…
Do you have a charity that is close to your heart?
I have given to churches, school groups and my daughter’s Girl Scouts Troop…
Although I have considered parenthood as my most aggressive form of volunteerism, I have not called a particular charity my home.
I am very grateful for the millions of people who donate their time and money to make the world a better place…helping the lives of so many others.

I am very grateful for the families who have been touched by the support of so many…I am thankful for the ways we see everyday in which people reach out of the goodness of their hearts and help their neighbors in need.

The world may be filled with negative news, but there are so many stories of triumph and community…. I am thankful for the positive and generous people who stop in their tracks to help someone else…someone they know…and most times….someone they do not know…

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