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3 Tips for Easing Pregnancy Sciatica Pains

My first pregnancy, I had very little backpain…actually, I do not remember having any…

With my second pregnancy, I started experiencing sciatica pain at around 7 months…

Now during my third pregnancy, the pains started at about 5 months… 4 months more of it?!
There are ways to ease the pain without resorting to medications… and doctors will even recomend surgery if you aren’t pregnant!
Setting your mind at ease, the pain will most likely subside after your baby is born… I know it did for me.
The greateast contributing factor to easing my pain…. my husband giving me a deep tissue massage!! The day my pain felt at its worse, I could not find a position that released the pain… my husband gave me a deep tissue massage and even 3 days later, I have felt hardly any pain…thanks, honey!

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