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How to Release Fear

“Fear…is not real…Danger…is very real” ~ Will Smith’s character in his new movie, After Earth.

Gabby describes a great technique that can help us break down the tiny mad idea… I am going to try this and wanted to share how I typically address my fears.

I acknowledge my stress, anxiety, worry, sadness… I then forgive myself for having these feelings and recite in my mind, “I am willing to release my fears and anxieties… (I substitute in whatever is strongest for me… fear, worry, anxiety, stress, sadness)… I am willing to release my fears and allow for another way… I am willing to recieve another way…. I am willing to choose love over this fear.”

I recite over and over again…. “I am willing to release my fear and I am willing to accept love instead”.

Once I my energy shifts, I decide on how I want to feel, the energy and state of mind I want to have… “I am at peace…. I am love… I am happy…. I am happy.”

A huge part of my vision…of my “happy end result” as Christie Marie Sheldon refers to it as….is happiness….

I am very clear that no matter what direction my life takes… I choose happiness now…. And if I believe that I can attain happiness at any point, then I can accept my miracles… I can accept the peace….I can accept the happiness… I actually am happy…. It’s making another choice and seeing love instead of fear…. it’s doesn’t always come quickly…and being thankful for my blessings helps… however my energy does come around and it does settle where I am at peace…

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