parenting · Theo is here

Tomorrow will come

They’re going to get bigger.
They are going to stop chewing on small, plastic, yellow duckies in the bathtub… or they won’t chew on them nearly as much…
We don’t mean to take things for granted, we’d rather not. It’s inevitable that in order to sustain we must enjoy the moment, take snapshots in our minds and be comfortable enough because tomorrow is going to come and it will continue to assist in their migration towards becoming bigger.
Babies are wonderful. They smile and giggle and laugh and make burble noises. They reach for us, and us for them.
We may forget about the growing until we notice how they don’t fit in the bathroom sink anymore, or that teenie tiny outfit that fit so loosely on them now won’t snap around their bottom. These are the times we want to squeeze tight and hold our breath and whisper “no, can’t I just keep him this small for a little while longer… ok? please?”
The memory is placed and the plea subsides as we fall in love with the person they will become. It’ll come soon enough, tomorrow’s tomorrow will come soon enough and our baby will be so much bigger.

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