Feeding on faithfulness

Feeding on Faithfulness 

“Trust in the Lord and do good; so shall you dwell in the land and feed surely on his faithfulness, and Truly you shall be fed.” – Psalm 37:3

Dear God, Lord of the Angel Armies, Rescuer, Keeper, Provi-der, I AM THAT I AM,

Today, rather than fret or worry over bills or money or people or problems, I choose to remember my Self and know my every need is taken care of in rich supply, before I ask and before I know I need it.

I’m feeding on Your faithfulness!

Today, rather than slinking around in unworthiness, acting less than, shrinking, hiding or not speaking my truth, I choose to remember who I AM: a star child, the joyous creation of an unfathomable Love that created me like Itself. There is nothing missing in this creation, nothing lacking and nothing wanting. I was pronounced very good!

Today, rather than get miffed when things don’t go my way, I’ll breathe and pray and remember there’s an inherent beauty and perfection in every person, place, situation and circumstance, no matter what these look like. I’ll charge myself to look for this beauty and perfection, with a heart full of acceptance, and I will find what I seek. Your word tells me so.

I’m feeding on every tasty promise you’ve carefully deposited in my heart Father, knowing your word is faithful and there is not a thing to worry about.

Thank You Love of my life,


Rev. Valerie Love, via Iyanla Vanzant

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