How to Surrender and why it doesn’t mean giving up

I love to surrender!

Here’s why….

To surrender is to gracefully (even in moments of what feel like despair…) give yourself to a higher power…

Surrendering is one of the most powerful action steps we can take in our lives…

Have you ever had your, what some refer to as, your “bathroom moment with God?”

This is the moment when you feel like you’ve tried everything…done everything…. and you are at a rock bottom point of angst and despair…

You may find yourself on the bathroom floor….weeping…praying…pleading….

God, please help me…..

I know I sure have…. it’s not always the bathroom floor, either, but it’s those moments when you are completely empty and you have this conversation with God that goes beyond anything that feels like it’s part of this world….

You find yourself saying:

God, I will do anything…. please tell me what to do….

Surrendering feels a lot like this…

It’s really cool when you decide to live these moments regularly, without the same intense moments of desperation…

Although there are still those moments…

Making the act of surrendering a daily practice, allows your relationship with a higher power to grow more intense and fulfilling…

When we accept that we are not smarter than the universe….

We begin to allow miraculous things to come into our world….

We give miracles permission to reveal themselves….

How to surrender

1.) Clarify your wants….. this may be in the form of physical items, a new career path, a new relationship, just regular ‘ol things on your to-do list….

…it may be a feeling…you may want to feel a certain way…. happy, peaceful, joyful, content…

2.) Be willing to release your crap in order to receive your wants

3.) Be willing to receiveĀ 

4.) Surrender…. give it up to God… the universe….your higher power….

The feeling of surrendering does not feel like defeat….

…it feels like a gift…. it feels peaceful and light….

It feels like your order has been signed, sealed, delivered and it’s well on it’s way….

Sometimes what we think we want…. is different than what will make us xy&z, happy, calm and peaceful, or whatever it is we want…

We may think that the path to a great relationship looks like this….

The cool thing about surrendering… is that as long as we clarify what we want: A great relationship….

And we have faith that we will be provided for….

And we are willing….

And open….

And truthful…

And loving….

Then we just may realize that we are not smarter than the universe and what we asked for is provided to us and it’s waaayy better than we imagined….

This is totally possible and a beautiful way of life….

And anyone that tells you different….

….is also not smarter than the universe…

Bless them and carry on….

May you take massive action and practice surrendering….today!

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