How to make pizzelles

How to Make Pizzelles

This was my first time making pizzelles…
My mom sent me a pizzelle maker and told me to carry on the family tradition, as my great-grandmother, Margherita Capezio aka “Gege” always had pizzelles at her house…
Although there are many different recipes for variations, I searched for a recipe that included anise oil… One of the recipes I found that called for anise oil, rather than the extract, also called for jigger whiskey
…Not sure what jigger whisky is, but I know I do not have it in the house…
Other recipes called for lemon and orange zest, and that sounds good enough that I’ll try next time.
I plan to get my hands on my Gege’s recipe…until then…
Here is the really simple recipe I used for my first time:
6 eggs
3 1/2 c. flour
1 1/2 c. sugar
1 c. butter, melted
4 tsp. baking powder
2 tbsp. vanilla
Anise oil, a few drops


Mix everything but the flour together until creamy. Then add flour gradually, mix well Dough will be sticky, drop a teaspoon or so on hot pizzelle iron.
A tip I read is to let the pizzelles sit out for an unspecified time… for best flavor, eat after a few days so the anise oil has time to improve.
If you have a little kid, you’ll have to let them lick the spoon/bowl. Traditions are probably best if kept within a happy context… the memory of Mom yelling “keep your hands out of the bowl!” and “Don’t eat that!” may or may not keep the tradition alive…
If you’re like me and refrain from having cookies around the house (unless they are a secret stash just for me), then your kids will be super excited to eat the cookies and I found it to be ok to let them eat more than one…
They are handmade with pretty much natural ingredients…
And they are family tradition…
Just make sure to put them away so your 3-year-old can’t reach them or else he WILL begin to eat the other 4 dozen that you wrapped up to give to other family members for Thanksgiving… 
It wouldn’t be tradition if you didn’t give them away by the dozen…

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