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4 years ago, I met the following women. They continue to empower me and provide hope, inspiration and a passion for purpose.

Their stories and their mindsets have aided me in my own healing and quest for truth… my quest and my presence to live in my own truth and authenticity.

I live for these conversations.. for an opportunity to speak of wholeness… of spirit… of desire and willingness… of what is possible.

It is my desire to introduce you to these women who have changed my perspective… who have showed up to life… stepped into their creative power and live for not only what’s possible… but what is necessary… and a joyous life that we all deserve to live.

May you be touched by what we discuss and find joy and deep enough-ness within your soul. We are all in this together.

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Episode 5: with Kelsey Dalziel!

I chat with my friend, and spirit junkie soul sister, Kelsey Dalziel, about being an intuitive medium, a meditation maven and how she is creating a solace for Tired Ass Moms!

Join us as we learn more about what it’s like to be a modern-day mama medium who stepped into her passion to remind tired ass moms that we can live in our purpose and be happy and fulfilled.

Connect with Kelsey at

Episode 4: with Lorie of Lemuria!

On 11-11, we chat about some of my favorite topics: Ascension, the 5th dimension, lightworkers, what is happening on the planet right now, the election, our higher self, higher self transmissions, and how our emotions are helping us shed that which no longer serves us. Check out this enlightening conversation!


Visit Lori online at



Episode 3: with Tara LaDue!

We recorded another chat together, due to audio malfunctions with our first recording, and we are so glad we did!! We chat angels, social media, letting go of judgement and taking inspired action. Check it out!

Episode 2: with Tara LaDue!

My friend, Tara, is a Social Media Coach and Consultant for Spiritual Entrepreneurs. She is currently writing her memoir, Came to Believe.

She is trained and certified by Doreen Virtue as a Certified Angel Card Reader™ (CACR) and Angel Intuitive®. Tara provides support and guidance for her clients via her connection with the Angels.

She is also a Gabby Bernstein Spirit Junkie Masterclass Graduate. Residing in Pasadena with her beloved Shih Tzu, Chester Harold, Tara has also has been practicing Kundalini Yoga for nine years and will begin Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training next year!

Connect with Tara via her website:

In our conversation, we chat about angels, spirit, building a business online, social media and manifesting!

*Disclaimer – Along with some swear words, the audio is not aligned with our mouths in some parts… it goes in and out so bear with me! Arch Angel Michael works his wonders and gets it going for us throughout so Tara’s message comes through!

After meeting Tara, as we sat in the front row together at Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass this summer, I was struck by her compassionate, accepting, and present soul.

She inspires me to listen to my intuition and take inspired action daily in my messages.

“If you knew who walked with you on the path that you have chosen, fear would not be possible.” – A Course in Miracles

Tara shares how an unexpected accident propelled her into a spiritual path that included writing her memoir, becoming a Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card Reader and Angel Intuitive, and growing an Instagram following to 10K!

Divine timing has given Tara the opportunity to manifest a Hay House publishing deal and work with other spiritual entrepreneurs to grow their presence online.

My very first podcast!

My dear friend, Lauren Tatarchuck, shares with us how she went from chronic dis-ease to conscious bliss, and how she healed herself from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and a laundry list of other symptoms.*

Lauren Tatarchuk

Lauren offers Biofeedback/Bioresonance Distant Sessions, please connect with her to learn more or schedule a session!

“The only way to, is through.” – Lauren in reference to healing.

After a decade long journey of medical treatments, prescription use and the constant diagnosis that her life would be like this forever… that this was a disease that would need to be managed for the rest of her life…. she decided to take matters into her own hands… take her life into her own hands… and Lauren decided that she was going to heal.

She weaned off the prescriptions drugs she had been taking she was 12, she started using natural supplements and nutrition to heal herself of the symptoms she had been experiencing for most of her life.

Now she is almost 90% healed and standing firm in her belief that she is healing herself and you can, also. Anyone who suffers from a disease labeled as chronic, she encourages you to be willing… be curious… and know that you’re worth a life of health and joy.

“We are not our symptoms. We are the whole person who is the witness of our symptoms.”

It is our birthright to feel good.

Lauren wrote the following words on her fridge and looked at them throughout the day:

Many tears are shed, but it’s part of the process, and it’s normal. It’s healing. “Healing is messy”, Lauren shares.

We must make the DECISION to heal.

“People are going to tell you that your healing cannot be done. And I am here to tell you that it’s just BS.”

If we hear that fear voice… or the voice in our minds that tells us it’s not possible, or we aren’t deserving… it’s not just possible to overcome this voice… it’s NECESSARY.

“It comes to a point where you want to heal more than you want to suffer.”

You have to change in order for the situation to change.

“I have learned to love people enough to let them have their own journey. I want everyone to feel abundant health, but it’s up to them to have health.”

Dr. Bernard Jensen:
Dr. John Sarno:

Our physical symptoms can have an underlying emotional connection, a past trauma or experience that our body is trying to express so it can heal.

If we don’t express our emotions, and we suppress them, they build up and will be released somehow, at one point. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

When we feel any emotion that we are unable to express because of circumstance, it’s important to express it another way. Write down your feelings. Scream into a pillow. Whatever works for you, it’s necessary to express them in order to let them go and heal.

Actions steps we can take now:

-Be willing. Be willing to learn more about your symptoms. Be willing to become your own private investigator.

Recommended books:

Mind, Body, Prescription by Dr. John Sarno
Healing Myths, Healing Magic by Donald Epstein

We would love to follow up this video with two others, specific to nutrition and to the psych component of healing.

Have a blessed day!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.