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Niko grows strong

January  and February 2018 are filled with cold and snowy weather, Big Little Sister’s 4th birthday and Niko’s first Valentine’s Day.


Niko is working on eating solid foods and greater head and neck control. He has made so much progress! He’s very comfortable on his sides, and will roll onto his belly if on his side.

His core has gotten stronger, his leg range of motion has gotten better, he can finally grab his foot! This is my favorite! Babies seem to do this early and I always wondered if he ever would. He still works to grab his right leg, but I think it’s because his right leg doesn’t curve as much as his left. He seems to be very flexible with his hip action on the left leg. This was the leg that was up under his arm when he was born.

Truly being as hands off as she can be



We celebrate Niko’s first Valentine’s Day… with tummy and foot grabbing time! He uses his tibia as a knee-like lift!


osteogenesis imperfecta - infant - physical therapy


He loves his brother, and he loves to pull on Daddy’s beard!


Rare Disease Day was Feb. 28, 2018…. “Building awareness of rare diseases is so important because 1 in 20 people will live with a rare disease at some point in their life. Despite this, there is no cure for the majority of rare diseases and many go undiagnosed. Rare Disease Day improves knowledge amongst the general public of rare diseases while encouraging researchers and decision makers to address the needs of those living with rare diseases.” –


Niko’s first high chair! My favorite thing about this chair is he can recline, which is imperative for him since he cannot sit independently and his spine requires a recline. Also, he can be at eye level with us. He loves watching his brother and sisters run around like crazy people. His other favorite thing about this chair is the strap…. he will chew endlessly on it.


Mama is sooooo excited because we are sitting up assisted for the first time! Head control is getting so much better, and Niko is comfortable sitting on my lap and facing out. He loves looking at us in the mirror, and watching Big Sister run laps, make funny faces and squealing noises.

Finally wearing an outfit that was bought before Niko was born! Again, I wasn’t sure if he’d ever wear it and it’s these seemingly little moments that feel like they mean the most.

Visiting Aunt Di’s house! Bebe is used to feeding him and we had to share with her that Niko’s been trying to hold his bottle on his own, so he may get confused if you keep trying to feed him!

What a big boy in his high chair! His curl game is coming in strong! He loves his Nuk brush and chewing on tough beef jerky.



pediatric physical therapy pediatric occupational therapy

  • The body is beyond sophisticated… it is perfect… it’s constantly moving toward balance and alignment. Through occupational therapy, and our awesome therapist, I’m learning the relationship between the inner ear, movement, balance and space.It’s through movement, we learn where our body is in space… this is why babies discover their hands for the first time, in amazement, as they see it’s connected to them. If a baby, like Niko, doesn’t utilize his full range of motion, he needs further support to activate his inner ear, which is related to balance. Babies naturally balance this connection through movement, rolling over, tummy time, swinging and pulling up. We can help Niko learn about his body, acquire balance and strengthen his muscles by doing mirror activities, swinging him in his seat back and forth/ up and down, and also tummy time on an exercise ball (his absolute least favorite).
    I’ve heard my mentor @officialdrjoedispenza say “What fires together wires together”, in reference to creating our realities, by linking an emotional response with a desired outcome. It’s the emotion that drives the manifestation. It’s not what you want, but how you want to feel. So by cultivating the feeling of already having what we want, we are aligning to it much faster. 🌟Niko’s OT told me “what fires together wires together” in reference to emotion in the brain and sound therapy. By playing music, which illicits emotion, you’re activating the relationship between action, movement, desire and memory. Like how a smell can bring you right back to a memory… it all works together.
    🌟Lastly, what does sound have to do with learning about your body in space and cultivating balance and movement? If you close your eyes and listen to birds chirping… some sound close up, and others far away… you can learn about yourself and where you are in space, in relationship to the sounds. Perception of self is incredible and cultivated in infants. By Kindergarten, it’s part of the curriculum to draw a self portrait and on average a child will correctly draw so many body parts… isn’t it amazing all the intelligence that has lined up so he/she can identify himself in the world?
  • nikkicapeziowatson🌟Talk about how we show up in the world!🌟



Join us as we continue celebrating Niko as he grows into his 8th month!

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