Truly Grace

Why this baptism was extra emotional for me

You know the book they give you when you go to baptismal classes?

I actually read it this time…

Well….just the first half…

It touched on the symbolism of this sacrament and its various elements.

  • Water – life, rebirth, renew, cleansing
  • Light – we are the light, we light the darkness as we ‘be our light’.
  • New garment – special meaning, our identity is affected by what we wear
Also, being named aloud, signaling a personal relationship with God.

“Even before you named your child, God had a dream for that unique and irreplaceable person. From all eternity God imagined this individual, with these particular talents, genes, physical abilities and inner worlds. With the creator’s delight, God said of your child,*

“I have called you by name, you are mine” (Isaiah 43:1)

Truly Grace

When she was conceived, we knew things were transforming into something different…. we were becoming better, growing closer together and stepping fully into our power in all pillars.

We didn’t know how she would come into this world and we certainly didn’t know whether she would be a boy or girl….

Although her name came and went in my mind a few times before she was born, I thought it may be a big name for a little baby…for anyone…

But I prayed to God and said If our baby is a girl, I will name her Truly Grace.

And so it was….

May she bring truth and grace to the world….

May we all be reminded, that God has called us ALL by name….and we are unique to His heart…. No child is left to their own vices and whatever our names may be, we are known by Him….we are special….and we are loved.

*Source: Baptism and Beyond – Preparing for Baptism and Nurturing Your Child’s Spirituality by Kathy Coffey

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