How I use my superpowers to make stuff happen

How I use my superpowers to make stuff happen

We all have superpowers….

Have you ever thought about someone and then they call you?

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head and then it’s on the radio?

When you’re pregnant, don’t you notice that so many other women around you are pregnant, too?

Our intuition…our super power…. makes us sensitive to the things around us….the energy around us….

What manifesting a song on television has taught me about creating happiness in my life…

We were celebrating my Aunt Maria’s 50th birthday on a Sunday…last Sunday.

Country music was playing on a music station on television.

My Aunt Di said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if My Maria came on?”

My Maria is an older country song sung by Brooks and Dunn.

I threw some jazz hands at the tv and said, “Let’s make it happen!”

She laughed…

I noticed the current station was Today’s Country. Since My Maria was an older song, I said, “We should probably change this to Classic Country?”

“No”, she said…”You think?”

“Country Hits”…that was the one… the country station that plays hit songs…

I change the station and said, “Set ourselves up for success“…

Don’t you know, about an hour later…

I jumped out of my seat so fast and yelled, “I manifested it!! I manifested it!!”

There was dancing…

Why manifesting My Maria has taught me about happiness

I had belief this was going to happen…no question…
…and my aunt and I were co-creating this…it being her idea, and then the exchange between us about which station we should put it on…
Also, the words I said vibrate in my mind:
Set ourselves up for success

I think about this often because with kids, it’s important to give ourselves…and our kids, the best chance of having a positive experience…a positive attitude…
If we are going to have a long day, let’s make sure we get to bed at a certain time… if we know there are “witching hours” at certain parts of the day, let’s recognize them and make a plan ahead of time…
I know that it’s to my benefit to have 5 minute increments throughout the day that are just mine… where I can breathe, meditate, write…get back to center so I can feel full…. remember that I am full even when it doesn’t feel like it…
Happiness is a choice…and an affirmation such as ‘Set up for success’ reminds us that we can create….we can predict….our moments…with belief and action….happiness is always a possibility… our intuition is a knowing…

…just as I had a knowing My Maria would come on….we can have a knowing that we can create the environment…the reality…the life…in which we are happy….and at peace.

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