What it means to pay for intuition

Our intuition is priceless…

For years I prayed for “conviction”….I had a very deep, burning desire for conviction
I would pray, “Lord, please clearly reveal to me what you want me to do”….

It was the moment I recognized I would have to cultivate this conviction, beginning with a choice

Instead of waiting for an answer…I decided that I was going to find the answer…create the answer…
Then came belief….and intuition

What it means to pay for intuition

I was in my doctor’s office for a routine check up and said, “tell me what your instincts say…”
All is well and good but it wasn’t until that moment that I realized what I had come for…
I knew I was healthy…but we need the routine tests to make sure…and I wanted an expert’s opinion.

This morning, I started reflecting on the relationship I have with my OBGYN and my midwife and how I had the baby at home and would I do it again the same way.

Then I realized what I really value here….


I value the intuition my OBGYN has because he told me has delivered 4500 babies… yes, he has experience, but his intuition is what I value most…it’s what I’m willing to pay for…

I don’t value his intuition just because he has delivered 4500 babies, but because I have built a relationship with him and I believe he is sincere and truthful in what he says.

My midwife has to make decisions and recommendations every time she is with her mamas and she relies on her intuition and experience to guide her…

This is where trust comes in…

If you are going to pay for and rely on another’s intuition, you have to trust them.

You build this trust by being willing, but also active… you must take an active role in your relationships.

  • Ask questions
  • Be willing to learn and accept new ideas
  • Ask questions
  • Use common sense
  • Be involved
  • Be excited
  • Cultivate your own intuition
  • Ask questions and actually listen to the answer before thinking about what you are going to say next
  • Ask a question because you are genuinely interested in the answer 
  • Cultivate your own intuition and grow your relationship with your inner guide
I repeat a few of these for a reason.
I notice that I feel alive when I am listening to my intuition and I feel alive when I am asking questions with the intention to learn, grow and make new discoveries…for everyone involved.
Learning is teaching….
By asking questions, we are letting others know that we care, and we are representing a community of people that have the same questions. If one of us speaks up, we are representing those who hadn’t thought to ask but sincerely want to know.
Whose intuition would I pay for?
  • My family doctor and my baby doctor
  • My midwife
  • My child’s teacher
  • My husband – he has a great intuition
  • A good friend who has my best interest at heart
  • Anyone who has spent time cultivating their intuition and believes in their power
When we hire someone to provide us with a service, from a contractor, to a massage therapist, to an attorney, a doctor or a tutor for our children… we are not only paying for the work to be done, but we are paying for their relationship… 
We are paying for their experience and guidance and those things are only valuable when there is trust established.
We must not only trust the other person or persons, but we must trust ourselves…

We must bring our highest selves to the experience so we can heighten the awareness of all involved

The doctor patient relationship doesn’t have to be one where we take everything they say as fact and it doesn’t have to be one where we read tons of information online that may or may not be true and back our doctors into a corner…unwilling to learn or accept.
Our relationships can be ones where we take personal responsibility for what we bring to the table.

And be at peace with the encounters because we:
  • Have an intuition that we trust
  • Surround ourselves with partners who have an intuition that we trust
These are all good…and important…
They live in conjunction with that feeling we get…

That feeling is our intuition and the more we listen to our feeling and cultivate them, we can feel peace and conviction that we are living the life we want to live… living the life beyond our wildest dreams…

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