Gabrielle Bernstein · spirituality

I DID consider naming my baby Gabby


When we thought about baby names, we wanted to choose one that held meaning for us…
Of course Gabrielle came up because Ms. Gabby B has had a profound impact on my life over the past year.
She has a new book coming out next month, called Miracles Now and I would not be honest if I didn’t buy it… although I feel like I’m in a much different place then when I was first drawn to her, I am still attracted to and interested in her work and constant communication to her audience…. us, spirit junkies…
I have written numerous blog posts on Gabby’s teachings and the many ways I interpret her work…and how it has greatly affected the way I live my life…
Gabby is offering a free, half-day workshop to anyone who pre-orders her book and we receive:
  • Gabby’s top 3 meditations for manifesting
  • Her 5 key exercises for manifesting your desires
  • A live Q&A and much more

Now, I am not an affiliate of Gabby’s, I do not get any sort of reimbursement for promoting her work…

I only share because it’s part of who I am…it’s much of my story to tell…

Enjoy your miracles and thanks for letting me share…

Now, back to watching our little baby take a nap…the dishes can wait…

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