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Day 4 of Thanks: My Family

I’ve learned much about family over the past 6 years…

My family has always been important to me and as I grow, my commitment to them grows…

I have two families: my “side” of the family and Sean’s side…both of which I appreciate greatly.

A few of the most important things I’ve learned about family are:

  • As I grow, I see the family dynamic through the eyes of an adult… I release the innocent perspective of a child and become so compassionate towards the adults that I have looked up to all these years
  • Everyone is doing the best they can
  • I see my cousins as children of their parents, I see my aunts and uncles as children of my grandparents, and I see my grandparents as children of my great-grandparents… many are parents, everyone is a child
  • There is a loyalty that I admire and appreciate
  • I appreciate who I am because of the people who have given me beautiful traits and characteristics of themselves
  • I see so much of them in the world around me
  • I appreciate the world around me more because my family lives in it
  • The more I allow myself to become me, the greater I recognize the truth and beauty in them
  • You can choose your spouse, not your in-laws, and it’s a true blessing when you get the best of both
  • I can take the warm memories from my childhood and incorporate my own traditions… Charlie loves to hear about when I was little…
  • I can always feel the love
  • If there is a zombie take-over, they will be the first we start a colony with
  • I’m allowed to break the pathology and take the beautiful things from the past and introduce my spirituality and free energy to a new generation of family
  • My husband and my children are the most important people in my life that I ever thought I would have
  • Although we knew we were building a team, we really appreciate how miraculous, rewarding, peaceful and fulfilling it is
  • Choosing a spouse is a bigger deal than we think… do we really choose or does the universe choose for us… perhaps we simply allow… If you ask Sean, he says he chose me:) I believe God chose us for each other and gave us the peace to receive
  • Relationships are assignments…and although family may be most challenging, these assignments are super rewarding and impactful
  • I am here to serve my family… I must be better for myself and for my family…. our children are our legacy and we must always thank those who have walked before us, clearing through the bushes so we don’t get caught up in as many thorns as they had to…
Thank you, family… I love you…
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