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What to do with left over Halloween candy

Here is an article from the Huffington Post on a few ideas…

One I like is crushing up the lollipops and making them into stained glass sugar cookies…

Another great idea is a Gratitude Treat Jar… Check it out here

Crushing up the chocolates and making them into different cookies and pies for the holidays is an idea, along with freezing the candy…. You can also decorate a gingerbread house with them…
Things I won’t be doing with the candy, but are an option if you’re interested:
  • Throwing it out
  • Making a wreath with them
  • Sending them to the troops
  • Donating them to local kid organizations
  • Putting a piece in my morning coffee
  • Making a punch board as a countdown to Thanksgiving, where my kids poke through and get a piece of candy (we all know how powerful a 30 day practice is!)
  • Giving my kids free reign to eat as much as they want in a sitting and then giving or throwing away the rest
  • Eating a piece a day until it’s all gone 
  • Making an ice cream cake with the candy pieces
Happy decision-making with left-over candy…may your massive action unfold!

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