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The ten most cancer causing foods? promotes juicing programs and here their article on The 10 Most Cancer Causing Foods

Many of these are not new to us….

  • GMOs
  • Processed meats
  • Microwave popcorn
  • Soda pop
  • Diet soda and other diet foods
  • Refined “white” flours
  • Refined sugars
  • Conventional apples, grapes and other “dirty fruits”
  • Farmed salmon
  • hydrogenated oils

All of these I understand….

Sean and I went on a cleanse in the beginning of the year and it was an elimination of processed foods, sugars, flours. Meals were a liquid in the morning, solid for lunch and a liquid for evening because liquids are easier on digestion.

Can I tell you one of the hardest parts, aside from changing all of our patterns…?

Feeding our young children!

This is a topic that has ruffled my feathers in various ways over the past 6 years… this is a girl who would eat cereal for dinner… I know that’s not a substantial dinner… but there are days, my friends, when I just want to eat a bowl of cereal for dinner, whenever I get around to it because I’m either working on something or writing or whatever my heart desires!

The children… they need fed and they need a nourishing meal…. and it’s be nice if it were around 5pm because as soon as Charlie gets off the school bus, her attempts to eat me out of house and home run rampant…

Theo would eat a bowl of oatmeal for every meal if I let him… and yogurt… and applesauce…

 Now, I KNOW about eliminating processed foods and sugars and the incredible benefits for juicing and green drinking and whole food-eating…. so….

What am I to feed the children?

Let’s say I feed them Ezekial bread with that veggie/non-dairy cheese… will they eat it… Charlie has had Ezekial bread a number of times and you know what the poor girl wants when we go to the store?

“Mom, can we get this… please?”

She’s holding up a white, Italian loaf of bread…. After a few trips to the store and she was still asking me about it, I found one that didn’t have high-fructose corn syrup in it and put it in the cart… to her delight I may add….

 What I do:

  • Leave the foods I don’t want them to eat at the store
  • My kids are on a cycle of yogurt, fruit and applesauce…and oatmeal…and we do have goldfish crackers in the cupboard… and Rice Krispies and Kix… and cheese sticks… and yellow and orange peppers… so all that is good!!
  • Serve pastas, cheese, carrots, and chicken for dinner, along with chicken nuggets and pierogies from the freezer… and grilled cheese sandwiches… and sometimes peanut butter and jelly… on a positive note, I bought homemade jelly just today from John and Jerry’s local market!
  • Serve only water or almond milk in my house

My children still get plenty of sugary stuff of all kinds from school, friends houses, parties and social gatherings… and they LOVE them… Charlie does surprise me sometimes, like recently telling me she doesn’t like chocolate….Theo, on the other hand says, “I really love chocolate!”

Let’s cut this novel short and get to my point…

I would love to hook my kids up to a system of green juice, juicing and no preservatives… which if I actually tried, I would probably not feel right about as kids love finger food…

I have made an effort to make the best choices for them I can…

In the meantime, I am willing to release my guilt over the foods my kids eat….

I am willing to accept the gifts and opportunities the universe gives me to nourish my children with health and longevity…

I accept health and longevity for myself and my children…

I bless the food I receive, I bless the food that my neighbors digest, that we may all be blessed with health and longevity…

I am willing to accept beautiful foods for myself and my family, foods that nourish my mind, body and spirit and allow me to serve myself and others with exuberance…

Please share this with those you think may benefit and thank you for letting me share!

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