Aaron Kleiber watches Scream + Be our own way

My friend and comedian, Aaron Kleiber, does not disappoint…Once again he watches it for us…

Aaron lives in Pittsburgh and shares his gift with crowds across the country. See more at www.aaronkleiber.com

After meeting with a new friend and prospective client today, I remembered how easy it is to get stuck into a place where we feel a lack of focus…. I have felt this way about relationships, business and parenting…. We know what we should be or do, based on what others have told us, what we’ve read, what we’ve experienced, etc.

When we put a new spiritual practice into place…. as I have put spiritual practices into place, cultivating new thoughts and a miracle mindset, I see how important it is to release the limiting beliefs about what relationships “should” look like…. between family, friends, colleagues, and most importantly, my children.

We only know what we have experienced, and also what we have read. It is ultimately our decision how we are going to be…. I am very interested in setting my intention and allowing the universe to have my back. I can align myself with the energy that best serves me…. be the energy that best serves me…. live in my truth…. allow the universe to reveal itself and act in our best interest…. faith and trust… in ourselves…our vision…and the universe…”Miracles occur naturally”…. I intend to let them.

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