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6 Reasons I Was Able to Refrain from Loosing My Temper Today

Change CAN occur!!

If you’ve read my past blog posts, you’ll come to know that I, like many parents of young children, face constant challenges…. I have been willing to release my frustration, sadness and anger, and choose to see a better way…choose to be better.

1.) I have the set the intention that “I am the energy that best serves myself and my children”

Not every day is easy, not every moment is easy and it’s the subtle shifts that create lasting and desired change!

2.) Napoleon Hill was really running through my head and after listening to his audio last night, I felt and still feel such reassurance and confidence from him that we create what our minds think, how our realities manifest… repetition soldifies belief!

3.) Grammie sent the kids Halloween stuff in the mail today… who doesn’t love black and orange and hot pink?!

4.) I made a pumpkin pie from a REAL pumpkin! And it was delicious!!

5.) I did not have any sciatica pains today, most likely because my husband gave me the good, deep tissue massage yesterday!

6.) My dream last night consisted of my husband and I making out…as super heros…. in a competition against other super heros… yes, I had super powers…

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