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Why Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches are Guilt-Free

Even if you are an Ezekial bread and almond butter kind of parent, I give you permission to give your kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as often as you’d like. Here are just 5 reasons:

1.) They are quick! – Have to jump in the car and go to an activity or to the store? It takes 1-2 minutes to whip up a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and today, it took me less time because I skimped on the jelly!

2.) They’re tasty! I make myself one, usually, because if I’m in a hurry to do something, chances are I haven’t eaten or won’t have time to eat either.

For example, my daughter got home from school today, around 4:30… her bus was late because her bus driver scratched another car as it was making a turn. Poor driver, it was her first day and she told us this morning she is a substitute.

So my daughter got home around 4:30 and my son didn’t wake up from his nap until after 5. Since I put forth a business effort during the day and didn”t have the energy to take the kids to the grocery store over the weekend, I decided it may be an evening activity that would allow them an adventure and I could get caught up on things… because when you run out of bagels, cream cheese, coffee and yogurt…. you must make it to the store asap.

Since I hadn’t had dinner prepared, and it would be bath and bedtime upon our return (thank goodness), PB&J sandwiches hit the spot…mmmm….

3.) They are more healthy than fast food – I cannot remember the last time I took my kids through a drive-through. I do appreciate the effort they are making to offer healthy options, however I can cut up an apple, put water in a sippy cup and slap some peanut butter on bread more quickly and cost effectively…and the apples weren’t out of a bag… well…at least they weren’t cut up in a bag…and I think my daughter would rather eat a whole loaf of bread than have chicken nuggests… although she may surprise me if I ask her… a loaf of bread doesn’t come with a toy.

4.) There is some protein included – if it’s the sugar content you’re concerned about, there are plenty of peanut butter alternatives. And almond butter probably has even more protein than peanuts? Not sure about that but almond butter really does taste good and it’s super healthy for you… gives you the good protein for the good brain health.

5.) It keeps my kids quiet the whole car ride to the store so I can recite affirmations in my mind…peacefully – When we first got our van, it was so nice and clean and we said, “No eating in the van…” then we went on vacation… I haven’t swept the van since July and clearly we went a little lax on this rule… It was truly their silence that insprired to write this blog because they literally did not speak for the 7 minutes it took to drive to the store… I gave myself the opportunity to breath deeply, meditate and re-calibrate my energy so that I could allow for a free-flowing, happy shopping experience… this is so necessary and they did a great job…for the most part… and so did I…for the most part.

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