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Silpada Jewelery party with my daughter – insights for life!

Silpada life advice we can all agree upon

I was invited by a friend to attend a Silpada mega party, consisting of a number of reps with all of their collections. I have never been to a jewelery party before and I thought it would be a great time for Charlie. She, of course, appreciated it.
I took home a few brochures, happy to look through them as holiday gift giving will soon be in full swing. One brochure promotes Silpada as a business and promotes, “the best life advice ever”…

Silpada life advice #1 – Live in the moment

I have learned that living in the moment requires commitment, as it best serves us to breathe deeply, release multi-tasking activities and be present. Silpada would probably agree that obtaining beautiful jewelery pieces makes us feel good and live in the moment!

Silpada life advice #2 – Love what you do

Holla! In this video blog below, I express my eagerness to not just like what I do but love what I do… this is why I released my fears and jumped into a business of my own! A few businesses is what Sean and I have… and I’m sure a Silpada business is one that owners get into because they love it.

Silpada life advice #3 – Take control of your life
Another warm and cozy piece of advice that I always thought meant… “take control of your life”…in a warm and fuzzy way… as in, there are going to be things in life that you can’t control but control the ones you can… try, to anyways… make good decisions…decide what makes you happy… Yes, there are doing to be things in life that we cannot control. There are ALOT of things in life we cannot control… however, it’s literally about taking control of your moments…. taking control of the moment to moment choices we make as we react to circumstances out of our control, and the moment to moment choices we make to take action…
Silpada life advice #4 – Go after what you want
Do this exactly…. and the part I hadn’t received about this, is to decide what you want…release limiting beliefs that get in your way… allow for guided action…and expect miracles….
Silpada life advice #5 – Make your dreams a reality
I refer to a post I wrote about the expression from my childhood…see here

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it…

The part that had been missing….the belief…is a huge factor in success…of any kind:

Whatever the mind of man can conceive, and bring itself to believe, it can achieve

If we are going to accomplish anything… we must have a dream….a vision… Iylana says:

Your vision will push you forward

I had not yet realized the  power of a dream… of a vision… whether this be a positive vision or a negative vision… we are putting in our order with the universe… We must get clear on what we want… then release our fear…and get out of our own way…our dream will make manifest in whatever way it needs to…and we best serve ourselves and others if we accept however it comes…however it appears… but we must begin with a dream.

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