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Trust More, Fear Less: Inspirational advice from Gabrielle Bernstein

Inspirational advice: To trust more and fear less!

Gabby does a beautiful job of reminding me why I was not only attracted to her from the beginning, but she reminds me that I am not alone. She reminds me that I am on the track that I want to be on and she continues to remind me that I am validated.

Inspirational truth about living in the know

Gabby’s lecture is this Friday and I believe it’s going to be an all-inclusive lesson and roundup on the teachings and tools that I have learned from her to better myself and be happy.
It’s through our lightness that we find peace, forgiveness we find love and reflection we find understanding.
Inspirational peace is everywhere and we may see it if we look for it. We will see the light in others that we see in ourselves. We may cultivate our own inspirational thought and feeling, it’s within us always and sometimes it takes the work of others, like Gabby, to remind us of this…We are love, we always have been…sometimes we just…forget.

The first inspirational video I saw of Gabby:

We are all courageous and we all have conviction… somewhere down the road we loose our self-love and self-acceptance… we loose our belief that we can do and be anything we want to be as long as we believe! Somewhere down the road we forget that we children of God and we are just where we need to be…and the world is set in our best interest…and are powerful beyond measure… we must believe…and we must be…just be….

Be inspirational to others and you will continue to cultivate your own light.

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