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Raising young kids while 5 months pregnant – tips

Being pregnant is a glorious thing… although it is NOT easy…it’s absolutely wonderful.
With a 6-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son, being pregnant can feel like a walk in the park. It can also feel like the burning, shooting pain in my lower back and thighs is never going to go away.

Here are some things I do to keep my cool and keep myself from shipping my kids off to live with my parents in Arizona:

Pregnant and Peaceful

1.) I mediate! There have been some days, during my mediation training with Gabrielle Bernstein and Dr. Joe Dispenza, where I would meditate for an hour at a time. I love the quiet and the stillness and it’s truly a spiritual practice that continues to break up my pathology of stress, anxiety and feeling stuck.

Even if I meditate for just 5 minutes, I feel so much better and I’m able to handle the next situation.

2.) I bless my children with love and light – if my kids are arguing, like they do a number of times throughout the day, I get involved as much as I can but I say a prayer to myself that they find the peace and happiness within themselves to cultivate peace.

Pregnant and tough

3.) I let the kids know what I expect of them – I give regular warnings about what is coming up next.

We are going to be eating in 5 minutes, so play and have fun and then we are going to eat lunch.

My kids respond pretty well to this and pretty much know the drill. Even if it’s something they don’t want to do, like go to bed, they know what’s going on and I stick to it.

4.) If the two of them can’t get along and place nicely, I’m taking the toy and no one gets it. If they still can’t play nicely together, then I put them in different rooms… peace and quiet for Mama!

Pregnant and Painfree

5.) I take a bath! I tell my kids I need some time to myself and I enjoy my hot bath. I know some information reads that pregnant women shouldn’t take hot baths, but the water cools down so quickly and I just love a hot bath. It makes everything better. Everything.

5.5) I mediate in the bath when I hadn’t the chance before!

Being pregnant totally gets better with the more children I have. I get to celebrate in this miracle with my first two miracles, and they are so excited. When I was pregnant for the first time, I didn’t  know what to expect. While pregnant with Theo, I wondered what it would be like to have a little baby with my big girl. Now, I am totally calm, cool and more excited than I am nervous. I can’t wait for our baby to meet the coolest big brother and big sister in the whole universe…they are blessings I never knew could exist and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity…for the gift to be with them.

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