How to calm indigestion at 5 months pregnant

Pregnant, 3rd round: 3 times a charm to develop this terrible indigestion I keep reading about.

The other night, it hurt so bad, I drooled for Pepto-bismol and Tums…none of which I had in the house because I don’t believe in mediation…except when my little kid gets a staph infection…bring on the Penicillin…he ended up being allergic to it and broke out in a rash so we stopped it on day 7.

Back to my belly ache…

Although I drooled for an over-the-counter quick fix, I went to the master Google and asked about belly ache cures. Since my craving actually drew me to the BRAT diet, I decided to give it a try.

Having indigestion at 5 months pregnant is a great excuse to eat 6 pieces of toast

I ate a banana and drank a glass of water. This was great and decided to take things a step further… yes, pregnant women do have cravings and it’s all good.

I didn’t have any rice but I went ahead and cut up an apple and made two pieces of toast… Oh, and here is the part of the BRAT diet that Google did not tell me… good thing I figured it out on my own! Here it is…. You must watch the movie Bridesmaids while eating these items! Nothing like watching the scene when they have food poisoning at the bridal store to make me laugh super hard and laugh the pain right out of my stomach, aside from the irony of the stomach thing.

After eating 2 more pieces of toast….and 2 more….I felt so much better and could finally fall asleep.

And Bridesmaids is hysterical.

Google can be scary when you’re pregnant

Just looking things up online can get pretty scary even if you’re not pregnant and so it can be totally terrifying to look up any symptoms at all. It’s important to be educated and it’s equally important to get second and third opinions. Listen to your instinct and even if it hurts at the moment…your gut.

Being pregnant is a gift and I’ll take the poor digestion…and the 6 pieces of toast…mmm.

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