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Gabrielle Bernstein’s Amazing Lecture is Next Week!

Learn from my spiritual mentor, Gabrielle Bernstein

How Gabrielle Bernstein rocked my world

Gabby has been an inspiration to me for the past 9 months and truly reached me when no one else could. Her work is necessary and lights the darkness.

Click here to see her TED Talk that began the subtle shift in changing my mind, thus changing my life.

I had always believed in God and the power of prayer. What I never tried actively is changing my thoughts to align with  my desired outcomes…or what I was praying for. I had not aligned thought, prayer and action before. It had never occurred to me.

After watching Gabrielle Bernstein’s TED Talk, I was introduced to a world where I could just…be…me. I could love myself for who I was and I had permission to embrace all the parts of me. I could also choose to release my fearful thoughts, ones associated with worry, doubt, sadness, anger, lack and loss, and choose to “see things differently”, as Gabby says… as A Course in Miracles teaches.

I could experience miracles regularly… life could have a positive flow and life really didn’t have to be a struggle. There will be things in life, always, that are not ideal, are not easy, and sometimes terribly tragic. We have, however, the beautiful gift of being able to choose how we are going to react to these situations. We are allowed to choose our lives.

Gabrielle Bernstein and May Cause Miracles

Gabby’s newest book, May Cause Miracles, is a 40 day guide book for subtle shifts that lead to a loving life. It teaches tools that we never learn in school, tools that can truly lead us to a life of miracles, happiness and love. We can have break-through moments but change doesn’t happen over night. It takes time and making the choice to commit. And belief! We must belief that we are worth it and that if we stay committed to this practice, we will awake in ourselves a life that lights the path for our loved ones, children and the world.

Learn more about Gabrielle Bernstein’s work at her website here.

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