3 reasons I will not be going to see The Conjuring

1.) My husband is terrified of scary movies… Just seeing the preview of The Conjuring made him turn into a little kid hiding under the covers. Since I wouldn’t go see a scary movie by myself and my other two favorite people who I like to hang out with are 6 years old and 3, I will not be going to see The Conjuring.

2.) For the same reason I will not be going to see The Prisoners.
Now I LOVE Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal but I refuse to put my mind into a situation where I am thinking about my daughter gets kidnapped and it’s up to my husband to get back his little girl…nope….not gonna do it….and having to watch that creepy kid’s face who they think has something to do with it the whole movie… I’ll keep thinking about The Girl Next Door, which I would much rather be watching! Elisha Cuthbert, my husband loves, by the way.

3.) I’ll be busy taking my son’s crib sheet off, washing it, drying it and putting it back on the crib over and over again….a task most Moms know is one of the most gruesome experiences of motherhood…. just so I don’t have to see this movie….And since I’m 5 months pregnant, and my son wets through his diapers almost every night, reaching over the crib should be reassuring as I think of happy, merry thoughts, void of kidnapping, darkness and evil.

Any reason to see The Conjuring?

It’s fair to say that The Conjuring does appeal to a wide array of wonderful people who really LOVE to be scared. One reason I may be interested in The Conjuring is because of its main character, Vera Farmiga aka Matt Damon’s girlfriend in The Departed who was truly memorable for capturing the heart (and body!) of Leo DiCaprio. Love Love Love The Departed… and Mark Wahlberg…

The Conjuring vs. Office Space

Even though we have positive reviews of The Conjuring here and I’m sure Ron Livingston is great in the movie, I’m pretty sure Office Space would take the cake… I mean, I know it just came out but has anyone won $250K because of The Conjuring?

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