Gabrielle Bernstein · the law of attraction

Children and the Law of Attraction

Energy flows where attention goes… I am fully confident in my ability to control my own mind to whatever ends I desire…

Here is my greatest challenge thus far: my children.

They are wonderful, smart, funny and enlightening… they inspire me to be better and do my own work.

The energy that is required to speak in positive phrases to my children is by far a much greater journey than my own personal development… they are reminding me daily how much a I really do not know….how much farther I have to go….and much more pain and forgiveness I must scoop through myself in order to be better….serve greater….love myself and others more fully.

These are little people that I would die for… I would do anything for them…I want them to be happy and make a difference in their world and the worlds of others. I look in their eyes and see innocence and a vulnerability that I take responsibility for.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction teaches us that we get what we think about most of the time. If I know this to be true with my every fiber, how is it that I constantly fail to speak positively to my children as they consistantly challenge me. Knock knock, ego….can I come in?

It’s imperative that I heal myself and the personal wombs that I’m reminded of through my children, my daughter, especially. I forgive myself for the mistakes I’ve made and I forgive myself for past pain that I have felt. I am willing to release this pain and I am willing to release my anger. “I am willing to see things differently” – Gabrielle Bernstein

How to use what we know about The Law of Attraction to have a better relationship with our kids

If we take what we know about The Law of Attraction, and apply it to what we know about parenting, we can start making change happen.

Take a moment and decide upon the relationship you want to have with your kids. Ok, pick one to start with. I take my daughter, Charlie, because she gives me the utmost challenge…she challenges me to take deep inventory of my limiting beliefs and unconscious thoughts.

Decide how you want the relationship to look. We can use visualization techniques here, as well.

Decide what you want the relationship to feel like. Does it feel peaceful? Probably… mine certainly does. We are laughing and hugging and Charlie is being an excellent listener!

A negative mind might say, “Yeah, in my dreams would my kid listen to me and we have peaceful relationship”
yes, my friend… in your dreams is where it all starts… we must create that which we do not have now, if we ever want to have what we’ve never had.

The Law of Attraction is merely directing your own mind to the end result you desire.

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