New School Year!

Happy 3rd birthday, Theo!

Charlie started 1st grade and she is very excited! Although Theo would like to ride the bus, too, he is very excited for his sister and enjoys walking to the bus stop in the mornings. Charlie also lost her second tooth on her first day of school! She woke me up at the crack of dawn this morning and expressed, “Mom, the tooth fairy didn’t come!” I told her, “There is still time…” She went back to her bed, Dad thumbed through change for a .50 piece (“try not to be too loud!” I whispered) and then asked her to cuddle with him in bed. At that time, I crawled out of bed and fumbled through the switch, unable to find the tooth that was literally lost at this point. I did what any tooth fairy would do and left the coin in the tooth pillow and falled back into bed. After Charlie ended up finding her new coin, she came running back to me and said, “Mom, the tooth fairy left a coin and left my tooth!”

…how nice of her…

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