Do Not Touch Your Grape

Has it been that long since I’ve written an entry?

I’ve been steadfast in my personal journal entries and almost diligent in my May Cause Miracles entries and yet I’ve let 5 months slip by without adding info about my babies!

We are growing, laughing, eating, playing, watching, napping, bathing, asking, crying, whining, biting, fighting, screaming, running, jumping, skipping, riding, hopping, opening, closing, pulling, pushing, sitting, crawling, tumbling, cutting, coloring, sipping, spitting, peeing, pooping, reading, writing, learning, dirtying, cleaning, peeling, tossing, smelling, listening, complaining, praising, painting, carrying, loving, kissing, hugging, sharing, leaning, laying, singing, dancing, wiping, breaking, sighing, packing, planting, raking, sweeping, dumping, filling, emptying, laughing, eating, playing….

Charlie is almost finished with Kindergarten! Theo likes to walk her to the bus stop daily and we look forward to re-uniting when she comes home. They fight regularly and love just as much. They help and care for each other. I appreciate them separately and together and I treasure the relationship they have now and how it will grow finer with age.

Theo is an amazing friend and caregiver. He loves and cuddles and helps me when I need him. He’s also a screamer and will hit the high octave in order to prove a point. His hair is furry and I love him.

Charlie and I are constantly evolving and learning together. I’m on a road to self-discovery, healing and self-love and through this process I’m able to care for her from a self-less place of acceptance. I mix that with a little tough love and angry mistakes and we have where we are.

She reads my mind. For example, I bought her a few different kinds of toothpaste at the store. I recently learned that sodium laurel sulfate, SLS, is an ingredient in toothpaste that can cause and irritate mouth ulcers. Charlie and I both get mouth ulcers. So, I bought the children’s version without SLS, and also bought her the princess toothpaste that she asked for, just as a backup. After doing further recent, my belief in this grew stronger and I told her I do not think it’s wise to use the regular toothpaste, it was causing her more harm than good. She used it once, just to try it out. I suggested we give it to our neighbor, her girl friend.

A few days later, her Girl Scout troop went to the food bank and learned of their services. We had quite a few questions and after the food bank director informed us they accept non-food items, like brushes, toothbrushes and toothpaste, I thought to myself, “Maybe they’d consider taking a new tube, even if it was used just once.” Right after this thought finished, Charlie raised her hand and asked, “Do you take toothpaste, even if it was used just one time?”

Based on our experience together, this may be considered an obvious thought but the way we both asked it so sincerely, me to myself and her aloud, I see it as a miracle.

Another mind-reading experience occurred a couple weeks ago, at my sister-in-law’s baby shower. We were served grapes and Charlie took the oval, green grape over to a painting on the wall and held it up to a matching green grape in the painting. They matched in size and she said, “Look!” I thought to myself, ‘Eww, do not touch your grape to that painting’ but decided not to say anything and just let it go. As Charlie came back around to sit down she said, “Don’t worry, I didn’t touch it to the painting.”

“Ooh, good!” I said. I had not revealed my thought… I’m not sure why…. perhaps I wanted her to think she came up with it on her own. 🙂

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