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Charlie is Five

Charlie has turned five, she’s a new woman, and saying, “My birthday is a long time away.”

Even though I look at pictures and watch videos, it’s hard to remember her little self without being able to talk. I remember thinking I couldn’t wait to hear what her voice was going to sound like, wondering what she was going to say. Now, it’s hard to be around her without hearing her voice, sometimes squeaky, sometimes loud, going on and on about anything and everything. She says what is important to her and she is confident in a lot of the things she says. I sometimes resort to, “Charlie, I’m not going to argue with you.” I’m trying to even think what she said the other day where we were arguing. I said,
“Charlie, I’m an adult, and I’m going to be right a lot of the time because I’ve been around a lot longer than you and I have learned things about the world and I know.” (Remember, we’re talking here about things that we all agree on… the sky is blue…. kids go to bed at night…. spring comes after winter…. there are things that are clearly right and wrong when it comes to factual information) I continue,
“You have to understand, there are going to be times when I am right and you are wrong, and that’s ok, because I’m adult and I know better”
She says, “And there are going to be times that I’m right and you’re wrong.”
(I’m driving, by the way)
“Yes, I understand and you’re right and I will take that into consideration in the future. There will be times that you’re right and I’m wrong and I’ll admit that. Now is not one of those times.”
And she’ll go on and on in her imagination until the most extreme scenario is considered. God love her and can’t say I blame her because the same pattern presents itself in my own thought process… I explore a variety of scenarios, ones that touch the ends of the earth until I am satisfied that topic has been exacerbated.
I love you, Charlie and the more we share our time together, I pray that I can be as focused and diligent as you are. I hope to encourage you and enable you to make greater your best characteristics and use your energy for good, most often as you can. I’m so proud of you and pray I can expand my own self to be the best parent, guardian, teacher and friend to you and your brother, now and through all the stages of our lives. Thank you for the last five years and thank you for the rest to come.

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