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19 months already

Today, Theodore Cash is 19 months… what a sweet little baby! He’s so sugary, I want to eat him every time I look at him. I slurp up his curls like noodle soup! He repeats everything back I say to him, he knows where everything goes. I was sweeping the floor today and as soon as I grab the dust pan, he stops what he’s doing and runs over to the garbage can so I can throw it away. He knows to run to his coat when we’re leaving, he cries at the door when he wants to go outside, and one of my favorites, when I say it’s bath time, he runs for the steps and yells, “Bath!” He’s started to wave and say, “bye bye” and I think he even said, “I love you” back to me today…. I just love him so much, my heart fills like a balloon every time I look at him or smell his sweet hair. Can you see a habit forming here? Things change when they learn to talk… I remember I couldn’t wait for Charlie to talk.

The kids got home today and we spent time outside, which is so much fun. Charlie rode her bike around and I pushed Theo in his car. I can tell it’s going to be a lot of fun this summer because they’re both at an age where they can really appreciate outside. Theo is experiencing everything for the first time and he loves being out. The problem happens when we have to come back inside… bath works for Theo, and Charlie still needs extra persuading…

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