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Thank you

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Thank you, Lord, for healthy children and a wonderful family. We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to care for healthy and happy children, which is where the core of this present and future lies. To think about the whys and hows of today and our personal existence and purpose, follows the path of gratefulness. As chaotic as this life is, there’s nothing more life-centric and meditative than the appreciation of the miraculous beings we have are and have been given. The external perceptions and pressures only pull us from our core, which is to be amazed in His wonders and guarded with our fight to keep it. We are easy to anger and compelled to suffer but surrendering to appreciativeness and peacefulness are the true gifts we are given. The children are given the same world we are and yet their gifts are different. Babies laugh without thinking and the older one, she laughs on purpose. It’s a mesmerizing experience that puts the reminder on us that all we must do is be grateful. It’s important today, tomorrow and every day to remember the positives, even when it feels like there are few. Being grateful keeps things circulating and makes way for new things to provide growth and peace.

The cut-out magazine article…given to me by my grandmother….which hangs on my refrigerator…right where I see it….right above the water spout on the door of the freezer….no one knows what the water spout things is called…. says,

“The difference between hope and despair is often times a “Thank you, Jesus”…..

Thank you Jesus for your blessings and for the wonderful love and laughter you have given me when often times I question how I can be deserving… please help me with my guilt… and temper… and help me to always love and laugh and take time to smell the flowers…. leave the papers, leave the dishes…. even though I’m really good at doing dishes…. thank you for just found self-confidence…. thank for helping me move past the past and appreciate the now and later…. thank you for my husband, my very best friend…. thank you for his loyalty and love and providing me a life partner to raise these ridiculously amazing kids…. I don’t deserve it… but I’ll take it… thank you always….

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