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It’s a chee-kain kinda life

Charlie and I were at the store the other day, and she was so excited to see the blown-up Christmas decorations, like the Santa, and the Mickey Mouse yard displays. She yelled across the store to me, “They even have Mickey!” I thought, how sweet, because her excitement is special and these things will slowly not excite her as she gets older. A few years from now we’ll walk into this same store and she probably won’t even look twice at the Christmas display.
A few to remember:
I finally let Charlie make her own PB&J sandwich, but use a butter spreader, rather than a knife. She got everything out herself, put the sandwich together all by herself. It must have been the best tasting PB&J sandwich she’s ever eaten because she said, excitedly,
“You can taste the peanut butter and the jelly! Isn’t that amazing?!”
I came downstairs and found Theo upset because he had been putting his hands in the dog’s water bowl. He must’ve poured it all over, because the floor was sopping wet and so was he. He was whimpering and I picked him up enough to put a towel under him to clean the floor as I got him undressed. I told Charlie, who was commentating the whole thing,
“I’m going to give him a bath. It’s ok.”
“He doesn’t need a bath, Mom, he just got one,” she said.
I was in the kitchen, cleaning or making food, there’s only a few things I’m good at in the kitchen, and Charlie said,
“Mom, are you going to be dead when I’m older?”
“Dead when you’re older? Yeah, I’ll be dead eventually, but it won’t be until you’re really old,” I told her.
“Are you going to be at my wedding?” she asked.
“I will definitely be at your wedding, Charlie. I’ll have a lot to do with your wedding.”
“Will Daddy be there?” she asked.
“Daddy will definitely be there, Charlie. And maybe we’ll even be at your kids’ weddings.”…. She liked that thought….
This morning, Charlie wanted to wear “the hula skirt that Grammie got her from Hawaii.” So, I dig through her dress-up clothes and find the straw skirt that most resembles a hula skirt. She says, “No, the hula dress….”
OOoohhh…. the hula dress….Ok, so I find, in her dresser, the hula dress with the beautiful flowers on it. It’s a summer dress so we decide to put a long sleeve under it. As she is sitting next to me on her bedroom floor, and I’m getting Theo dressed, she asks,
“Did you get anything from Hawaii, Mom?”
“Yes, Grammie got a Hawaii keychain,” I tell her.
“Oh, yeah, and Meghann got a chee-kain, and you got a chee-kain, and I got a hula dress.”
This is one of those moments….. I just want to take this moment and stick it in a bottle and cork it and keep it in there forever to enjoy, and laugh, whenever I want….
“Everybody got a chee-kain…”
Reluctantly, I say, “Charlie, it’s a key-chain.”

I can’t say that, Mom.”

Charlie built her own trolley at the Children’s Museum

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