parenting · Theo is here

Nowhere but here

You’re a sweet little boy…. You’re a sweet little girl… Maybe it has something to do with nap time, and when the both of you sleep at the same time… Wait, baby just awoke…. just wanted to say I love you and tell you both how much I enjoy you. Must’ve had a good day, you say… yeah, I guess, we just sat around and did nothing. Charlie didn’t really whine to watch tv, and Theo slept a lot… when he wasn’t sleeping, he was comfortable. I cleaned and a little of the bathtub upstairs, put away some laundry, cleaned the stove a little bit and put away all the dishes. And I took a shower and dried my hair… and I watched Boardwalk Empire with Tia Angela… she fell asleep. I also did a few billing work… I did get up at 7:45, that’s when everyone else was awake… except Theo who slept until 9, dear baby boy. And Tia Angela, who didn’t get in until 5. Rare for her, but nonetheless, I also made time to eat. It’s nice to not have to be anywhere. Nowhere but here.//

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