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Worth the wait

Week 9. I would have written an entry earlier, but I fell asleep. There’s not much to say except I love him so much it hurts. At the same moment I saw his little peter after he was born, Sean said, “it’s a boy.” He knew it was going to be a boy. Theodore Cash Capezio Watson was born August 19, 2010 at 10:49am. It was a perfect delivery and he was born in perfect condition. What a miracle. We call him Theo. Actually, I call him Mama and Sean says, “he’s a boy.” All babies are Mamas. He’s alert, he smiles really big when he’s just eaten and just changed and hasn’t fallen asleep yet. He smells wonderful and he makes little squeaking sounds that melt hearts. He’s the little brother. Charlie’s initial disappointment that he wasn’t a girl has worn off, and he’s just her baby brother. “We have a baby boy,” she says. She loves to make him smile, she likes to hold and kiss him. She’s a good helper. She’s just as amazing as she ever was and it’s hard to remember her being this small, but I remember her being this small.

If I never hear the word potty again, I’ll be happy. I’m sure that’s how Charlie feels, too. Toilet. Let’s say toilet. Please, God, help my girl to go on the toilet… all I want for Christmas…
The questions never end and the diapers keep on changing. Life with two is harder, more stressful and more precious. One makes me appreciate the other and they both make me appreciate their Daddy. Moms and Dads do what they have to do, no one says it’s easy, but somehow, I think we all make it look easy.We all complain just enough that we don’t go crazy, and make fun and light of most things, especially around other people. We know how blessed we are. We know how much we are winging it. When I was in college, I never wanted my nights to end. Now they never do… and I never want my days to end. And somehow, they keep on passing by. I know I can’t keep you small forever and you’ll be a grown man one day and all I’ll want to do is hold you on my chest, cuddle, watch you as you sleep. Each year I’ll watch you grow into a different person than you were the year before, and lifetimes later I will wonder where the time has gone. But, for now, you are small enough to need me for everything and I love nothing more than holding you, would rather be no where else, than in your arms. Your hair smells like heaven and your eyes are dark blue. You’re going to love to watch in amazement at your older sister, just as we are, and she will be your best friend, just as she is ours. I can’t imagine how our relationships will unfold, but I will forever love you when you’re sad, and love you when you’re mad. I will always love you, forever and always.

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