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Charlie’s 3rd Birthday

Hi Charlie.

Today was your 3rd birthday party. I have to say that 3rd time’s the charm. It worked out so well you took a nap after food was served. this allowed for you to wake up in an hour, chipper if not sedated. You were pleasant during the candle blowing ceremony, ate your cake like a little princess, smiled during pictures and opened all of your presents so lovingly. You opened each card towards me so I could read it to you. You were appreciative and starting playing with your toys as soon as everyone left. Your first toy was the Dora bathtime one, which meant you had to get into the bathtub. Your Aunt Sarah and Natalie got it for you. You are currently dressed up up like Cinderella and packing your dolls into your suitcase, probably preparing for your trip to Arizona. You are curious, intelligent and a storyteller.

The windows are open and we could not have asked for a better day. The weather was warm and the breeze, subtle. The dogs did not get arrested for attacking pedestrians and we had enough places to sit. It is possible to be high on life, so thank you, Charlie, for giving me the gift of motherhood and letting me be such an intricate part in your every moments. I can see how hard it is for mothers of teenage daughters who don’t want anything to do with them. Right now, for the most part, you want everything to do with me. (You just came up to me, wearing nothing but a pull-up, with your curls pulled back in a pony, and said, “Are we going to play a game now?” You climbed on my lap and gave me a hug. I told you to get your jammies on and we could. You said, “ok”. Then I told you we have to wake up Grammie because it’s late and she won’t sleep tonight if she doesn’t wake up from her nap. You replied, “Me wake her up.” You went into her room and I heard you say, “Grammie, you have to wake up now. My mommy said you have to wake up.”)

I have to go help you now because you’re crying, “Help me”. You are having a hard time getting out your jammies from the drawer. I’m sure of it.

Thank you, Charlie, and I love you.

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