Charlie · parenting

Snow day! It’s been awhile since my last entry, and we are all learning a thing or two about the potty. #1 is easier then #2 and Nana pays big bucks for both. Charlie will be 3 years old in a month and she is happy about it. She wants a castle party. She also wants to know “why?” a lot.
“Mom, why is my bib in the laundry basket?”
“Because I have to clean it.”
“Because it’s dirty.”
“Because it keeps your clothes from getting messy and we have to clean it.”
“Because it can’t stay dirty forever.”
(Perhaps she means, “Why not?”)
“That’s gross.”
“Oh. Why, Mom?”
“It just is.”

The little girl cries for her daddy when Mommy puts her in time-out, and cries for Daddy when her mommy puts her in time-out. When Mommy and Daddy put her time-out, she cries for Nana. When Nana puts her in time-out, she cries for Mommy. Sounds like she’s got all of our names down.

Charlie seems to really like school. She may be a little shy when she gets there but she NEVER wants to leave when I come to pick her up. She likes her friends so much, she plays with them at home.
“This is Sarah, and this is Kyra,” she says in a sing-song voice, dolls and tea cups in hand. She prays for Conner and Trent and Trey and thanks God for Ms. Connie and Ms. Amy. She’s thankful for her health, which we all pray for during the winter months. She’s been fabulous compared to last winter.

Oh, and the tea. She loves tea cups and set up a tea party for her friends this afternoon. Four chairs, four cups, four plates and four spoons. A cast of four characters surrounded our couch’s footrest today. I never taught her how to have a tea party. Are little girls born with the innate ability to plan and execute a tea party? Seems so.

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