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Charlie goes to Kennywood

Charlie had a really great time on her first visit to Kennywood. She was a little scared at first to ride the Kiddieland rides, but she ended up having a blast. Since she’s at the age where she wants to “Do eh mi-sels”, she didn’t necessarily want to hold our hands at the park. So, we let her run around. She did pretty well with waiting in the lines, until we got to the Turnpike. As we all know, this line is fairly long. She threw a fit the entire way, hanging on the fence, crying, “My turn!” She even threw herself to the ground, in such despair. I tried to distract her by asking her to tell me the color and number of each oncoming car… that lasted for about 30 seconds, as each car came was not yet conclusive of Charlie’s turn. Once it was finally her turn, the two of us jumped in, her in the driver’s seat. Now, for any of you who have ridden the Turnpike, you know that if you don’t keep the steering wheel center with the track, the car will shift from side to side, bump from side to side. Every time I tried to help Charlie keep the car on track, it was a hysterical, “No!! Do eh mi-sels!!” My adult said, “Ok, Charlie you do it.” Then, a few seconds later of shifting and bumping from side to side, my little kid would grab the wheel and make a motion around a bend or two to keep the car on track. “No!!!” she’d cry. “Ok, Ok!” I’d yell back. After we exited the ride, a little skipping and Kennywood smell was all we needed to get back on ‘track’….

It wasn’t before long that night fell, fireworks blasted and Charlie fell asleep. This gave us grown-ups a chance to ride the Thunderbolt one more time… and eat my ice cream cone as fast as I could before it was our turn to get on the roller coaster.

As we could have predicted, Charlie now asks regularly to go to Kennywood.

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